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2024 Speaker Series

Blood, Sweat and Fear: An evening with Eve Lazarus

Saturday February 17th, 2024

Join the VPMA for a night  with Eve Lazarus, while she shares stories about the life of John F.C.B Vance

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Thank you to everyone who has bought tickets for your continued support of Eve Lazarus and the VPMA.

Inspector John F.C.B. Vance was known as Canada’s Sherlock Holmes due to his many successful years working with the Vancouver Police Department. He began as a City Analyst in 1907, however, it quickly became clear that his skills were invaluable to solving some of the city's most mysterious and grisly crimes.


He became an Honorary Police Inspector with the VPD from 1932 until 1949. Well known for his tenacity for solving almost every case that he was given, this led to seven attempts on his life in one year alone.

Join renowned writer, speaker and researcher Eve Lazarus, author of “Blood Sweat and Fear”, as she shares the history of one of Vancouver’s most fascinating figures. During her presentation, she will talk about Vance, his history and work.


Tickets for the event are $22 plus applicable booking fees.

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