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Please note that all gift shop merchandise is available only for in-person pickup. We are unable to offer shipping at this time.

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Available from December 8th, the VPMA is proud to present our first-ever jigsaw puzzle!

Featuring artwork from celebrated local artist Tom Carter, these 520-piece puzzles make the perfect holiday gift for the puzzle-lover in your life (even if that puzzle-lover is you).

Created by celebrated artist Tom Carter, this painting depicts a dramatic scene outside the Vancouver Police Department on a cold winter's day in 1935. Throughout the worst years of the Great Depression, the VPD struggled to maintain order over a city beset with violence, corruption, and increasing unemployment.


The early 1930s saw continual reductions in officers’ pay, leading many to take bribes in order to make ends meet. Anxiety was high over who might be next to end up on the bread line—or in jail.

Limited quantities are available, so don't miss out!

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