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Privacy Policy

The Vancouver Police Museum is committed to protecting your privacy, security and safety. In our Privacy Policy, you will learn how we collect and use visitor data via our website and other physical and digital means in accordance with the BC Personal Information and Privacy Act.

Your Information

First and foremost, we will never sell, hand over or license your information to third-party vendors for any reason whatsoever. The information we collect is for the benefit of ensuring the Vancouver Police Museum’s operations and viability. It allows us to pursue exhibits, events, education programs, tours and other museum-related activities that are interesting to our visitors and online and mobile users. As a not-for-profit institution, we do not engage in any activities that merchandise your personal information or privacy to third-party vendors in any way. We collect information purely for our own marketing purposes so we can ensure the livelihood of our museum and staff.


As with most websites, we collect cookies through the website browser that you use. We use cookies to gather certain information about our users, such as language, region, browser type and other segments as deemed appropriate by Google Analytics—our current data collection platform. This information is used to further enhance visitor experiences in the brick and mortar museum and online via our website and social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Google MyBusiness and Twitter have their own privacy policies that clarify their use and collection of data, and our social media channels abide by their rules using their proprietary business tools, such as Facebook Business and Instagram Business. You may opt-out of cookies procedures by disabling cookies on your web browser. You may also opt-out of social media cookie policies on each individual social media platform.


We use photos from our events and programs only with your consent. Either we display a notice in our building about photography or video rights, or we issue a statement in an official contract agreement, such as with our education programs. We are not responsible for individual visitors who take photos and post them for their own purposes on social media or other online platforms. Should you find a photo with your image, and you wish it not to be used, please contact us directly and we will remove it. All photos are used for promotional purposes only and are never sold or licensed for profit.


We collect email addresses through registration to our programs, events and newsletter.

These email addresses are only used for outreach purposes, whereby we send patrons, visitors and users information about upcoming events, programs, tours, exhibits, deals, promotions and more. We never give email addresses and associated information to third-party vendors for profit. You may opt-out of receiving emails from us by clicking unsubscribe in the footer of any email. 

Technology Platforms

Our technology platforms, such as Constant Contact, WordPress, Eventbrite, Paypal, Moneris and Google Forms, have access to visitor and user information so they can serve us as a business or payment platform. Each has exceptional security and safety measures to protect your information, but we are not responsible for security breaches to their technology.


If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at 604.665.3346 or

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