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Becoming Vance:
Canada's Sherlock Holmes

Explore the life and discoveries of John Vance, the first City Analyst and original forensic scientist of Vancouver.
'Had Vance been born a few decades later, his work would have qualified him for a spot on the Forensics File television series.'- The Times Colonist
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True Crime

Real people, original evidence, and the true stories behind Vancouver’s most notorious crimes.

Gun Culture

Explore the history of guns and gun ownership, and learn how shifting cultural and political movements have affected society’s views on firearms and whether they should or should not be used.

The Moral of the Story

How has morality been used to shape public opinion in Vancouver? This exhibit explores Vancouver’s crooked Police Chief Walter Mulligan from the 1950s and the notorious Penthouse Nightclub investigation two decades later.

Never Forgotten

A look at the life, legacy and incredible stories of those who served.


A page from Vancouver's past 

Come explore our historic 1912-1913 mugshot book and see Vancouver through the eyes of those who lived here. 

Permanent Exhibits

Coroner's Court

From 1932-1980 our main gallery space served as the City Coroner’s Courtroom, where inquests into deaths were held and new laws were recommended.

Morgue & Autopsy Suite

When it served as the City Morgue from 1932 until 1980, over 20,000 bodies came through the doors of this building. See the recreated 1970s autopsy suite, where pathologists and coroners worked for decades to solve the mysterious deaths of the city.
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