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Sins of the City Walking Tours

New 2024 Season

Back by popular demand our 2024 Sins of the City walking Tours are hitting the beat and exploring the shadier parts of Vancouver's past. 

Learn about some of Vancouver's more sinister characters and listen to stories of resilience, oppression, and resistance. 

Tours start Sunday, June 30th and will be available Saturdays and Sundays through the Summer. 

We do require a minimum of 4 people for the tour to run. 

Virtual Walking tour available

Are you unable to join us on our walking tours, or would you prefer to take the tour at your own pace? We are offering shorter versions of both "Vice, Dice & Opium Pipes" and "Soul Food and Strathcona" in a downloadable walking tour! Follow the directions and discover some of Vancouver's most fascinating and macabre tales.

Designed to be easy to follow, these tours take approximately 90 minuets and can be enjoyed alone, with friends or even the whole family. 

You will need a smart phone or portable device to be able to enjoy the experience.

Do you have any questions?

Call us at 604-665-3346 or email

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