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to your next visit!




Eyes of a Spy

Ages 4+

Eyes of a Spy is a fun, riddle-solving scavenger hunt! Use a Mystery Decoder to read the clues hidden around the museum. One clue leads to the next, guiding you through all our exhibits and historic spaces.

Fun for families with children of all ages, this activity is a

self-guided, riddle-solving game. 

Ask for the Eyes of a Spy Activity when you arrive at the

front desk.


Cost: $5 (with the purchase of admission)


*All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Crime Solving Activity: Crime at the Century

Ages 16+ 

"Crime at the Century” takes place in 1949, and our very own “Canada’s Sherlock Holmes,” John F.C.B. Vance is on the brink of retirement. Solving this case will prove you’re capable of taking over his position as the city's Forensic Inspector.


This self-guided activity is a great way to see all the exhibits and historic spaces in the museum—including the morgue and autopsy suite— all while solving a murder mystery on your device.* 

Listen to witness statements, examine the crime scene, and choose wisely to piece together the evidence and solve the case. 

Ask for the Crime-Solving Activity when you arrive.


Cost: $5 (with the purchase of admission)


*Requires a device capable of scanning a QR code for access. 


Add either activity to your visit for only $5! 

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