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2022 Speaker Series

Vancouver Vice with Aaron Chapman & Special Guests

Saturday, May 14, 2022
4:00-6:00PM PST

"With warm regard and a whiff of nostalgia, Vancouver Vice peers behind the curtain to examine how the city once indulged in its vices, and at what cost.”

Explore the darker, grittier side of Vancouver’s West End in the 1970s and ‘80s! Join us with award-winning author Aaron Chapman as we bring his newest publication, Vancouver Vice, to life.


Aaron will share select stories, joined by former VPD officers who were active in the field during this tumultuous time in Vancouver’s history.

“Part murder mystery, investigative expose, and cultural history, this book transports readers back to a grittier, more chaotic time in the city, when gambling dens prevailed, police listened in on wire taps, and hustlers plied their trade on street corners."
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