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Grisly Vancouver Tales

Grisly Vancouver Tales
A Halloween Audio Tour

Available from October 1st to 31st


October conjures up dark tales and mysteries at The Vancouver Police Museum & Archives this month with our Halloween audio tour: Grisly Vancouver Tales.

Included with regular admission to the museum, this Halloween audio tour takes visitors through four ghastly tales from Vancouver’s past that will thrill and chill you to the bone.


Discover the different exhibits and sections within the museum and see how each tale relates to the room or exhibit surrounding it. Throughout the tour, you’ll learn about the famous Vancouver fire, the old Vancouver morgue, creepy corpse mishaps and much more.


Listeners can access the audio tour tales by using their smartphones or digital devices to scan various QR codes throughout the museum.


As Vancouver’s former Coroner’s Court and Morgue Facility, The Vancouver Police Museum’s old heritage building has so many tales to tell for the spooky season of October. Don’t miss out!

*Audio tour topics are recommended for listeners 16 and older. 

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